The feeling of emptiness can raise from numerous reasons. Sometimes we wouldn’t be able to understand our own reason of feeling in such a way. This could be the reason for the loss of a loved one or not able to focus on anything. During this time we basically lose interest in everything; our friends, family, work, hobbies, and whatever there is worthy in our life.

If we’re not able to figure out the reason for our emptiness, we may suffer from Depression. Depression is one of the worst causes of failure in almost everything we do in our daily lives because we’ve lost everything. We’re just dragging our soulless bodies here and there without even trying to understand the things we do every day. In this case, we surely need professional help. But before you set your mind about getting such help, let’s try to understand exactly what happens and why it happens.

What happens when we’re feeling empty inside or low on everything we do?

During this time of our lives, we feel alone. No matter our spouse, children, parents, best friends, girlfriend, boyfriend try to cheer us up, the smile on our face won’t be able to hide the pain in the heart. depressed man adilparray

We feel like everyone around us is happy and we’re the only ones who have either lost everything which could make us happy, or we never had anything. Money is not going to help at this point.

There’s only one thing that will be of help:

finding the cause of your emptiness.

This is not a random thing where one day we come home and feel depressed. No, that’s sadness. Sadness is when in your life, something unexpected happened which you would’ve not foreseen. Or may you did but were not expecting it to happen. In this, you know the reason for your sadness, and since you know the problem, there’s always something you can do about it.

Depression or emptiness builds every second. More you focus on your situation, more it will cover you. It may take days, weeks, months or even years to get rid of it because temporary happiness that your dad bought a car is not going to help in the long run.

What can you do about this feeling of emptiness?

1. Acknowledge

The first thing you do is don’t try to stop feeling the way you feel. You have to acknowledge your feelings and agree with yourself that yes, you are having these issues with yourself.

2. Observe your feelings

It gets difficult to figure out why we’re feeling like this, but there’s always a reason:

Lost someone close to you

It may be because you lost someone close to you like a family member. Losing someone is very hard, knowing that you will never talk to them again and never see their smile again. I am not going to say it’s part of life because no matter what, It hurts. Give yourself some time.

In this case, it will be perfect to talk to someone close to you who is a good listener, tell them how you feel, tell them what that person meant to you and what they did for you.

You will get emotional, may even cry. But that’s alright. You need to get your feelings out. The only reason a person feels depressed is that he’s not able to get his emotions and feelings out which bottles it up and could be very dangerous.

“You have to give yourself time to heal from this pain. Do not suppress feelings. Share with someone close.”

Not living the life you want

The reason may also be that you’re not living the life you’ve always wanted and you’re stuck in doing something which you absolutely hate, and you see no way out of it.

This mostly happens when you are on a work which means nothing to you. You’re just doing it to pay your bills, and you’re doing only enough to avoid getting fired.

“Most people who are not satisfied with their work tend to do bare enough to avoid getting fired.”

Now, you might think that if I find a job which I love, I’ll be happy.


As long as you’re doing your job just to pay bills and your job doesn’t contribute to your personal growth, you won’t stay happy. Ask yourself this question: What do I like to spend my time on when I arrive home?

If the answer is Netflix, T.V, or any entertainment activity and you do this every day, then you won’t stay happy.

Being made fun of over something

It doesn’t matter over what reason you’re being made fun of:

  • You have a mental condition
  • Whatever you say, people don’t understand easily
  • You’re short
  • You want to pursue something which others don’t believe you can
  • You’re not good in Academics

Yes, there are a million reasons people will make fun of you, no matter how stupid it sounds. You have to understand that people will always mock you if they don’t understand you. They will mock you when they themselves don’t have anything worthy, so they try to divert attention to yourself.

  • A weak person always complains and mocks what he doesn’t understand.
  • A weak person will always try to divert the attention towards dreamers because he doesn’t have any himself.
  • A weak person will always laugh at others’ lives because he doesn’t have any reason to be happy in his own life.
  • A weak person will never try to understand the truth because he even believes his own lies.

Albert Einstein said:

Weak people take revenge, Strong people Forgive, Intelligent people ignore

Which one do you want to be?

3. Spend time with yourself

You need to create a meaning for your life. Start a new interest or hobby. Write about your feelings early in the morning and write about your day in the evening. This will help you get all emotions out.

You can also write about your current hobbies, your goals, and dreams. Affirmations are a great way to turn your emotional and mental state towards positivity. The mind is a stupid but dangerous thing, it believes everything you say to it. Beware what you feed it. If you feed only negative, you will live miserably and if you feed it positivity, you’ll grow.

P.S I’ve come to the realization that meditation is not hokum which I used to believe earlier. Without a doubt, it has changed my life towards good. It has helped me to clear the doubts of life and relieve me of emotions like sadness and anger. I hardly feel these now.

4. Relaxation

You’ve been beating yourself for quite some time now. It’s time to take back the driving wheel from your evil mind and be in charge.


There are millions of people out there who feel the need to get other’s approval, and when that doesn’t happen, you have to approve yourself because you’re the only one you need. The rest as just addons.

It’s okay to feel bad, sad, angry, disappointed, or upset with others but that doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself with it. Resetting your life at this point will be a blessing for you because you’ll be reborn and the head start you have?

Your Experience of Life and the people in it.

Adil Parray

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