Albert Einstein was no doubt one of the most inspirational human beings in the history of mankind. Born in Germany, earlier from childhood he disliked school but was highly into Mathematics. He was even considered mentally retarded by his school teachers, but the reason was that he wasn’t interested in any of the subjects other than math; at least that’s what he thought.

When he joined college, it turned out he was much more capable and skilled for Physics as well as Mathematics.

He gave the world of Physics so much to thank for. Even now scientists are trying to find out about his theories. But let’s cut science short and talk about what he used to believe. Few of the Quotes from him still fascinate us and remind us that just because someone doesn’t believe in us, doesn’t mean we have to stop believing in ourselves.

Quotes said by people must not be taken literally but they provoke our inner self to think beyond logic.

Weak people take revenge, Strong people Forgive, Intelligent people ignoreAlbert Einstein

Just one sentence could explain how the world has changed today. In my understanding, let’s break it down:

Weak People Take Revenge

The literal meaning does make sense. Doesn’t it?

But is it true? Did he really mean it the way he said it?

I hardly think so. What I believe he meant by this was the people who go through bad times because of another person, always blame that person for their condition, instead of trying to improve on themselves. We cannot control others’ behaviour, but we can surely avoid such people in our lives. But still, we keep on trying to show this other person that we can best them in what they did to us. We try to do something worse to them, but at what cost?

Proving others that we’re better (or probably worse than them) may give us temporary satisfaction and a feeling of pride and self-respect, but eventually, we forget that we’re in fact programming our mind and feeding it the negativity. So at last, it keeps us weaker while we’re thinking we’re stronger because we took the revenge of what was done to us.

4 Important Things Observed about what Revenge does to a Person

  • It makes them angry and keeps them angry around everyone
  • It makes their ego rise beyond their control
  • Time is wasted in doing things which have no meaning
  • Revenge may end up being an endless loop and you never know what you might lose at the end besides your precious time
Before you embark on a journey to revenge, dig two graves; one for YourselfConfucius
weak, strong, and intelligent

Strong People Forgive

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strongMahatma Gandhi

I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where you might have been thinking: Should I just let it go or prove myself right?

You will only forgive another person if you know you’re right and better than them in some way. If you value another person more than yourself, then you definitely will feel the need to correct them because you don’t want a ‘valuable’ person to think less of you. But no matter how you’ll try, you cannot change everyone’s mind and that’s not his problem but your insecurity.

So what happens when you’re not able to make them change their mind, you start resenting them internally and not showing in your face.

Now tell me, Who’s suffering because of not letting go of things when you should?

Obviously it’s you!

Because you were not able to forgive and forget the things they did or say to you when you had the opportunity. They went their way but you made yourself suffer. This is the lack of your strength to forgive.

5 most important things you go through when you don’t forgive

  1. You keep constantly thinking about it, thus wasting your time and mental strength
  2. You programme your subconscious mind about keeping resentment inside you which in turn directs you to be angry because you’ve suffered
  3. You start getting angry on petty things and keep doubting on everyone who wishes to be around you and help you
  4. You start losing relationships and gradually become bad at making new ones as well
  5. You lose the courage to do most of the things which really need your full focus and attention

Intelligent People Ignore

This is actually one of the good things in today’s world. Wherever you see, there are controversies for voicing your opinion. Even a celebrity tweets something with a good heart, people will find something bad in it. Here are some situations.

What would you do in the following circumstances:

  • Someone calls you names and you don’t like it
  • Someone badmouths behind your back and you find out
  • People judge you based on your clothing and sense of style
  • People judge you because you lost or gave up on opportunity they thought was good

Now let’s see how two approaches can tackle these:

(This is just an example. There are literally 1000s of ways this could go)

Someone calls you names and you don’t like it

Taking Action: You’ll start calling him names, you’ll keep telling him to shut up but he won’t. This will eventually lead to a fight.

Ignoring: You’ll ignore the person. He’ll keep calling you names, but eventually, he’ll have to give up because you gave no response.

When somebody insults you, you have to become a receiver, you have to accept what he says; only then can you react.  But if you don’t accept, if you simply remain detached, if you keep the distance, if you remain cool, what can he do? Budha

Someone badmouths behind your back and you find out

Taking Action: You can either badmouth him on his back, or you can confront him on why he’s doing so. In order to protect himself, he WILL have to make excuses and events to protect himself. And if you keep pushing, people may think he was right.

Ignoring: Let the person speak behind your back. He’s behind you for a reason. He may be jealous of you. He may desire something you have. He may be a craving for people’s attention.

You want to be a better person, you start talking good about him behind his back.

People judge you based on your decisions on fashion, style, looks, personality, habits, etc

They don’t know your situation. They were never around you when you needed them and they will not be around you when you need them. Why should you care?

The people who were always with you: your family and friends, Do they judge you?

No. That’s all that matters.

People judge you because you lost or gave up on opportunity they thought was good

For a jobless, homeless, and uneducated person; if he got a job even as a sweeper; that’s a blessing for him. Would it be an opportunity or blessing a graduate person?

For a normal graduate, getting a job anywhere is a blessing but is it for an individual who spent days and nights in studies to complete his doctorate?

For an MBBS student, becoming a doctor is a blessing and opportunity, but is it for a person who studies business all his life to start his own venture?

Similarly, you’ve prepared your whole life with a vision of becoming something and doing something worthwhile. Just because your neighbour got a perfect job he always wanted and you let go of that chance, people start judging you. Do you think that job would’ve been a blessing to you?

All that matters is how you’re taking your life forward. Once you know it, your inner voice will tell you which opportunity to take and which to let go.

Intelligence is not how much you know. It is how you apply the knowledge you have.

Points to take away:

  • Anger, Resentment, Jealousy are the weapons of a foolish person because he uses these weapons to hurt only himself and people who love and care for him.
  • Revenge is a powerful weapon if you wish to destroy two lives.
  • Forgiving others is like setting a prisoner free, and that prisoner is you (Lewis. B. Smedes)
  • Intelligence is the power of observing and understanding what to speak and when is the right time.

So, what’s your opinion on this? Do you believe what Albert Einstein said is right and alive today? Comment below on what you thing.


Adil Parray

Adil Parray is a fulltime Content Writer who specializes in writing about Travel, Tech, & Health. He is also a Blogger, Freelance Writer, & Graphic Designer. He is skilled in Blogging, SEO, SMM, & Email Marketing. Adil believes in constant growth in life by acquiring new skills and techniques which makes life and work much more interesting and worth living. He is also highly passionate about trying to understand life. To know more about him visit

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Judy Kim

Thought provoking post, Adil. Einstein was an original thinker, and I liked his eccentricities. He always wrote the same clothes, like a uniform, (same colored sweater, shirts, pants) in order to save time! I’ve watched a few documentaries about his life. He was brilliant but not a perfect person, as none of us are. His wife was actually better at mathematics than he was, she helped him with calculations but I’m not sure if she received credit for this, she also had to quit her studies in deference to him it seems. Back then hardly any women were admitted to… Read more »

Renard Moreau
Renard Moreau

🙂 The late Albert Einstein knew exactly what he was talking about.

People will always judge us for numerous reasons.

Fantastic post by the way!


Thanks for the post. Really detailed and relatable.

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