No matter what anyone says, we all can agree that if there’s one thing we can’t buy, it’s Time. Everyone knows it and believes it as they believe in their own existence. Yet still, we keep on spending or shall I say wasting time on things which have no value to us. Every day we’re given 24 hours to do something which can make an impact on us. How we spend this time can make us or break us.

The most important questions you can ask yourselves are:

  1. How are you spending your time?
  2. Do you want to spend your time the way you are right now?

If you’re an average person doing a regular job, you are probably waking up in the morning, having breakfast and leaving for work. In the evening, come home, have dinner and turn on your TV or Netflix.

Sure there are some things you do in between, but the value they provide is almost negligible like listening to some music, watching the same sports again and again, etc. And then all we do is complain that our life is not going well, I can’t find my purpose, I’m not happy with my job, I don’t have any friends, etc.

This all comes to only one conclusion: You’re not sure about your life goals.

Realizing that you’re wasting time

Everyone wastes their time and most of us do this without even realizing it. The first thing you’ll need is to find out the activities which are taking your time and not giving something of value in return.

Exception Some activities may be a waste of time for someone but can be helpful for others. E.g When I get too stressed or get Writer’s Block, I listen to music, sometimes for an hour. It helps me calm down and think clearly. In normal times it is a waste of time, but during these times, they help me. You might also have something like this. Don’t give up on that.

Here are some things which can make you realize you’re wasting time every day. Keep in mind, they can be the reasons your time is getting wasted or they may be signals your mind giving you that you’re wasting time:

  • You listen/watch to the same music or TV series almost every day and maybe multiple times in a day
  • You try to stay isolated as much as you can
  • You immerse yourself in Video games
  • Avoid things that are making you uncomfortable
  • You want to try some particular new thing but procrastinate every time
  • Thinking about your day while going to sleep and trying to remember what you did during the day. If you have to try hard to remember what you did, then that time is wasted because it was not that important for you to remember easily.
  • At the end of the day, regretting what you did, yet still, tomorrow goes the same way.
  • Feeling unmotivated, lazy and dissatisfied with everything every single day

Why do I keep wasting time?

The number one reason for wasting time is either not having any goals of your own or not being very sure or confident about your goals.

If you have your own dreams and goals which you want to achieve but are not able to. The reason could be:

  • You lack proper knowledge or skill to achieve this goal OR
  • You have everything at your disposal but you lack the courage to do it.

The latter is the most important reason people waste time because they know what and how to do it. All they have to do it now, but somehow your mind pings you:

Would you spend your time doing this new uncomfortable thing, or would you rather watch this cute cat video on youtube?

Yes, starting working on your goals is uncomfortable. It’s not going to be easy because you’ve rarely done it consciously. You’ll face problems, but haven’t you while you were learning to walk? Did you gave up on walking sayings it’s uncomfortable and you can’t do it?

Mind Game

When you want to do something, our mind subconsciously sends us the signal that it is better to do something which we will enjoy rather than doing something which we won’t like.

How many times have you dodged the one thing you wanted to do for so long but every time you keep postponing it.

I won’t lie. I do it too. Maybe more than you but I have taken the steps to stop wasting my time. Surely you can’t do it every time or every day but you can start small.

All you need is to be aware that whenever we KNOW we must do something, stop listening to your mind until you start this work. Once you start, you’ll feel good and confident that you’ve started something and your mind won’t distract you.

Your worst enemy is your own mind and your own thoughts, no one else.

What can you do to stop wasting time?

Every person is different and everyone has different goals. Some people don’t have any goals; which is the worst thing ever and could easily lead to depression, constant anger, complaining about every single thing, and much more negativity.

I want to be a writer and I’m afraid to admit, I have got the biggest problem of my life which I’m trying to overcome: Procrastination.

For now, I’ve started to do the following things to reduce my wasting of time and increase my personal value. The personal value may sound like a cliché, but everyone in the world wants to be someone who is valued and respected in what they do. It also gives a sense of worthiness and accomplishment.


As soon as you realize the activity you’re about to do will provide you nothing of value other than the temporary satisfaction, avoid it at all costs. It may be difficult because your willpower will be weak, but that’s how you get strong: Practice.

When this happens, I divert myself to something else. Sometimes I start cleaning my apartment. It may be a small thing, but at least you’re not bending your will to something unproductive.

  • You can:
    • Read a book
    • Write something. Literally anything on your diary
    • Listen to podcasts. Not music
    • Learn a new soft skill
    • Learn a new technical skill
    • Organize your room
    • Declutter your room (a Very good thing to do is to remove all unnecessary items from your room/house. Subconsciously they keep holding you back in the past)
    • Go out for a walk
    • Meditate

Note: When you’re trying to avoid doing something which will waste your time, be careful. While you divert your attention to something else, make sure you divert it to something useful; not other waste of time.

  • You should not:
    • Visit Social Media
    • Play Video Games
    • Sleep
    • Order food from outside (Sounds stupid, but sometimes when we get bored, we get hungry. At least 80% of the time the reason for our hunger at an unconventional time is boredom)
    • Watch TV or listen to music

Note: The above things I’ve mentioned, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do them at all. These are the things to avoid if you’re trying to distract yourself from something unproductive.

Read about self-awareness.

Do share with me and everyone here what you do to avoid wasting time and how do you get aware of such activities.

Adil Parray

Adil Parray is a fulltime Content Writer who specializes in writing about Travel, Tech, & Health. He is also a Blogger, Freelance Writer, & Graphic Designer. He is skilled in Blogging, SEO, SMM, & Email Marketing. Adil believes in constant growth in life by acquiring new skills and techniques which makes life and work much more interesting and worth living. He is also highly passionate about trying to understand life. To know more about him visit

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Renard Moreau
Renard Moreau

🙂 The way that we were psychologically conditioned has a lot to do with us wasting time.

To be honest, I am guilty of wasting lots of time.

Thank for another insightful post, Adil!

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