When my neighbour became a doctor; his family, friends, relatives, and neighbours visited his house to congratulate him. He had always wanted to be a doctor and eventually he did it. Everyone was praising him for his achievement. He was extremely happy with what he had achieved.Life's Journey - Successfull Doctor

Other families kept on telling their young and teenage kids:

“Look at him. You should also be a doctor when you grow up“.

Some people told their adult children who were already doing a job or set in some kind of profession:

If you would have become doctor, everyone would respect you like they’re respecting him

No one even tried to understand why this was a success. That person wanted to be a doctor since childhood, he worked hard for it and it paid off. He succeeded in what he wanted to do.

There was another neighbour family which was quite respected because their children were decent and very nice to everyone. People kept praising this family on how good they’re raising their children. One of the child who was around 14-year-old girl had an extreme enthusiasm and liking towards understanding people and life. She was not great in academics like physics, chemistry, and math but she never fell below 80% because her family used to make her work hard for exams.

She wanted to become a professor of Philosophy. She used to make friends with people above her age, mostly retired people because she loved how they narrated their life stories. She always had something to say about her conversation with those retired people, but her family just smiled at here excitement with love but never understood why she is making friends with those people.

When her time came to select a career field (graduation), she wanted to take Philosophy as her major but her family forced her to take Medical as they wanted her to become a doctor to have more respect in the area like their neighbour. After she chose the Medical, it was extremely hard for her to learn the subjects but she wasn’t interested. She used to sleep late for studies and trying to understand her subjects. She tried and tried very hard and passed all the examinations and eventually became a doctor.depressed doctor

Everyone she and her family knew: family, friends, neighbours, and even former teachers came to congratulate her on her success. She had not been happy in the last 5-7 years but there was a smile on her face when anyone congratulated. The smile was not of happiness, but there was no one who could see the tears she was trying to hide.

After almost a year of her practice in the medical field, she was not as famous as the neighbour’s doctor. People kept gossiping that she’s not a good doctor.

Eventually again after a few months of her ‘medical practice’, a suicide note was recovered from her room which read:

“I passed all the examinations but failed in life.”

Personal Opinion

Success is not achieved when you start earning in millions. Success is achieved when you’ve achieved what you wanted to do in life.

People keep calling millionaires successful but we don’t actually know if they are successful or not. You cannot expect to be successful if you’re not doing what you’ve always wanted.

If you think you’re very happy with your life in a 9-5 desk job, think again:

Is it really you want to do in life?

If it is, congratulations You are successful, because you’ve achieved your goal of doing a 9-5 desk job.

Do not confuse achievement with success. Achievement is when you’ve gained something unique which only a few people can, but success is achieving something which only You can. Other people cannot be a reason for your success, sure they can assist you but only you can achieve.

“He who fears he will suffer, already suffers because he fears.”

Personal Advice

Don’t make your children follow a career they don’t want. You will be happy if they did, but will They?


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Judy Kim

Society doesn’t seem to understand that status doesn’t equal happiness or success. In fact, I’ve been realizing that many wealthy, successful business people acquired their job/wealth through nepotism/cronyism and even bribes, those that go the the Ivy Leagues, I wonder if they earned it or bought their way in. I used to think success was the result of hard work, but it seems the more $$ you make the less you actually do. The example you gave in this post is what happens to so many intelligent people, I’m asian and the pressure that parents put on their kids to… Read more »



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