Staying motivated towards your goals and dreams is as important as actually working towards it. Even if you’re on a full-time job, doing just bare enough to avoid getting fired so that you can pay your bills will make you feel demotivated most of the time; because of the exhaustion from the work which doesn’t mean anything to you throughout the day.

Why does this happen?

It’s interesting to note that a person only gets exhausted and demotivated when he’s at a place he doesn’t want to be. And a person seems to be energized always when he’s at a place he wants to be. An example of this is between an Introvert & an Extrovert:

  1. An introvert in a party will get bored, weary, and demotivated even if he’s just sitting and doing nothing.
  2. Whereas an extrovert in a party; no matter how much dancing, drinking, playing games; he’ll be ready and energized to visit next party without thinking twice.

What can I do to stay motivated and achieve my goals?

Getting back to staying motivated to follow your goals and dreams, it’s not as hard as people say as long as you follow a particular plan or time table. The problem occurs here and that’s “Procrastination”. If a person stops procrastinating his planned work, he’s completed 50% of his work. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind or follow which will help you in the pursuit of your dreams and goals:

  • In your pursuit of success, money won’t motivate you. Your reach to people, fame and quality of work will. The money will follow as a secondary lead.
  • Look into the future and visualize the results. Walk backwards from there and figure out the ways this task can be achieved. This visualization will fuel your inner desire to achieve your goal.
  • You won’t be able to achieve your dream if you just work towards achieving “it”. You have to split your goal in multiple objectives and achieve them one by one. Not only it will motivate you (since your work will be less till a point), it will also bring you close to your goal.
  • Create a positive influence around you. Be with people who are motivated and working towards their own goals. This will keep YOU motivated to work on your own. Remember, you are the average of all the people you spend most of your time with.
  • Organization is key. Organize your thoughts, ideas, tasks and set a specific time of the day to achieve them.
  • Think about the ultimate goal you want to achieve when you’re spending time on menial tasks. You’ll feel low, you’ll feel stupid, you’ll feel bored, but remember in order to create the largest building one must dig the land for the strongest base.
  • If you can’t control something, let it go. Your time is too valuable to waste on something you can’t do anything about.
  • Read or listen to positive thoughts or information every single day. Motivational or Inspirational stories in the morning will set your whole day. Remember, First few minutes after you wake up in morning decides how your day will go.

Tips to follow and fulfil your Dreams

Here are a few tips which you can follow to make the day productive and in turn stay motivated to achieve your dreams and goals:

  • DO NOT Procrastinate any small task. The mind just knows “task”. It doesn’t differentiate between small and large. If you avoid a small task, you’re feeding your brain with Procrastination.
  • DO NOT use the phone for at least an hour after waking up. News/Updates/Criticism/Social Network Likes & Comments/Your messages can ruin your whole mindset for the day.
  • DO Meditate, even for 3 minutes a day.
  • Manage your time properly and avoid unnecessarily looking at your phone. Most people just unlock their phone, look at it and lock it again. DO NOT be a slave to Technology.


Last but not least, if you’re not a frequent reader, you have no idea what it can provide for you. Read books, newspapers, magazines… literally anything will work. Reading is hard at first but it can prove to be a most valuable personal resource for you. Be consistent in what you do.

I will do it later translates to I will think about doing or not doing later.”

Adil Parray

Adil Parray is a fulltime Content Writer who specializes in writing about Travel, Tech, & Health. He is also a Blogger, Freelance Writer, & Graphic Designer. He is skilled in Blogging, SEO, SMM, & Email Marketing. Adil believes in constant growth in life by acquiring new skills and techniques which makes life and work much more interesting and worth living. He is also highly passionate about trying to understand life. To know more about him visit

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