Affirmations, sometimes considered as pseudoscience (False-Belief) tend to be a rising topic these days because some people who tried this with belief gained enormous energy and motivation. It even helped some people achieve their goals faster, as some people have claimed. The reason I call it ‘Mind Blowing’ is having the ability to make yourself believe you could do something which you’ve always wanted.

But, does it really work?

So, to test I started doing it around three weeks ago. I used to listen to this video (given at the end of this post) when I went to bed. I tried to focus as much as I can on this video and listen to it until I drifted to sleep, and that’s exactly what is required.

You must be listening to these affirmations just before going to sleep, and if some part of the video keeps running even after you went to sleep, no problem. Your mind is always at work, particularly at night. I could feel some difference in my thought process just after 7-10 days but at first, I didn’t give much thought but soon I realized that this was the power of affirmations I’ve been listening.

I don’t know for some reason, I was waking up at 04:30, reading, always staying happing, and for some time I was even happy with my job, and that was a major change. After that, I started listening to morning affirmations as well. (Link at the bottom).

I didn’t feel the need to go to bed again after I woke up, which usually happens. And as soon as this video finished, I was done through brushing my teeth and already feeling so energetic, ready to conquer the day.

Believe it or not, I tried for two weeks and I could literally feel the change in me. At first, I didn’t even consider that the change was because of the affirmations but soon I realized they’re the ones which kept me on track.

Before I tell you what affirmations are and how they work, let’s recap our last topic:

Dangerous Work of our Mind

In one of my posts, I explained how your mind is your enemy. I was talking about how stupid but at the same time how dangerous this mind could be. It can be an extremely powerful weapon for you or against you. It’s up to you on how you want to take it.

It keeps learning every second and doesn’t even stop when we sleep. Whatever you read, learn, say, think, observe; your mind learns it. Even if you joke about something, your mind will program itself to believe it because it doesn’t differentiate between ‘a joke’ or ‘a serious talk’. That’s why it’s being said to surround yourself with successful people so that all you hear and learn is positive things.

That is how your mind will get positively trained.

Quick FactYour Mind just understands words and thoughts, no matter from which source it comes from.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmation simply means to accept something, to say YES to something.

In here, we’re talking about Affirmations of Life and our future. Whatever we want to do, our mind which is programmed from all kinds of ‘crap’, the mixture of positive and mostly negative doesn’t let us do anything.

Let’s take a simple example:

You have never asked a girl out in your whole life. Now there’s a girl in your college or office you really like. What would you do, and what will you think?

You’ll definitely start thinking about how to start a conversation which could lead to such a topic where you can ask her out, but guess what?

Your mind will come in between to suggest all ways and will extract every bad memory on how this could go wrong:

  • What if she already has someone?
  • What if she said ‘No’ loudly and everyone hears it?
  • What if she complained about this to the teacher or boss?
  • What if I’m not good looking for her?
  • She’s too beautiful. I’m not for her.
  • Do I have money to take her out?
  • What if she told this to her friends and they will tell others. I will lose respect and people will make fun of me.

Even before starting, your mind has told you several things on how it could fail. Did even one thought come on how it could succeed?

Not unless your mind is positively programmed. That is what Affirmations are. To program your mind in getting things done and not worrying too much about negative results.

How do Affirmations work?

As I said earlier, your mind programs you based on your thoughts, conversations, things you say, things you joke about; basically everything that comes out of your mouth, thoughts in your brain, and the things you hear around you.

There are more than 70% of people who keep complaining about their day, the traffic, the weather, the office colleagues, their friends or family. They keep complaining about money, not having enough time, not able to do the things they want to, and many more. These are the things your mind learns.

So next time you plan to start your own business to earn more money, your mind will subconsciously feed you:

  • “we were born poor, we stayed poor for 25 years, now you want to invest $10,000 in this business?”
  • “what if it didn’t work out?”
  • “you will risk losing $10,000 on this.”

And we will give up on this chance. Why? Because we let our mind overpower us.

This way you will never get to achieve your dreams or goals as you’ll be afraid of losing every single time.

What can I expect from it?

If you start these affirmations and continue as I did, you will feel these benefits in your mind and body:

  • Increased Self Confidence
  • Control over your Emotions; anger, nervousness, depression, and even if someone hurt you, you’ll be able to handle it properly
  • You’ll overcome bad habits (You will need self-awareness for this)

Quick FactDo you know that you can fool your mind into believing you’re happy if you smile?
  • Overcoming a Bad Habit

ThinkHow many times have you taken your phone out of your pocket to just unlock it and put it in the pocket again?
  • Getting a new perspective of everything you do
  • Becoming more Empathic
  • You’ll be more fearless in anything you do
  • You’ll be more motivated
  • You will always have trust and belief on you in everything you do
  • Concentration and Focus will increase
  • It will help you notice clutter in your life which you can remove
  • You will feel happy and relaxed
  • You’ll stay healthy. Yes, a recent update on August 2019, Harvard Education update a paper on Placebo and talked about how it benefits your body mentally and physically.
  • You will be more productive and will waste less time.

Simple but Powerfull Affirmations for Body & Mind

Important Information
  • Affirmations must always be said in the present tense as in ‘I am happy‘, not ‘I will be happy’. You have to say it like you already have it, not as you want to have it in the future.
  • Affirmation should be completely positive and must not include negative words like can’t, won’t, I will, I’m going to, etc. Your brain will sometimes register them as negatives as well regardless of what the total meaning of the affirmation is.
    • Example: Whenever you feel upset up to the point that you want to cry, you keep telling yourself ‘Don’t cry‘, ‘Don’t cry‘, ‘it’s gonna be fine’, etc; there you have it. Your mind takes this instruction as ‘don’t‘ and ‘cry‘, both negative words, so you start crying. These are very simple and easy to process words, that’s why your brain processes it very fast without a second thought.
  • Affirmations should be simple to understand, easy to achieve, and based on facts and truth. ‘Could’ and ‘Might’ are not the words you want in your affirmations.

Affirmations which could change your life

  • I know myself and I love myself
  • I have everything I need to be successful
  • I am happy and healthy
  • I have happy and fulfilling relationships
  • I have the skill, desire, and motivation to achieve my goals.
  • I am valued and respected among family, friends, and coworkers
  • I am confident in whatever I do
  • I talk good about everyone
  • I help people
  • I am good looking and attractive
  • I have people in my life who love me and I love them
  • I am kind and understanding
  • I spend my time wisely without wasting on things which don’t contribute to my personal growth
  • I have a perfect body
  • I am in perfect shape
  • I eat healthy and I stay healthy
  • I love fruits and vegetable
  • I wake up happy and excited every single day
  • I am compassionate
  • I achieve my goals easily
  • I am proud of everything I have
  • I feel good every day
  • I have goals which I have achieved
  • I learn new things every day
  • I show gratitude to every one
  • I start my day early in the morning refreshed
  • I can do this
  • I have everything I need to achieve what I want in my life

These are just a few of the affirmations I use every day in addition to the videos below:

This is good while sleeping:

The below can be heard first thing in the morning when you open your eyes:


There’s not a set standard on what exactly affirmation words are. As long as it is short, simple and easy to digest for your brain, you’re good to go. Even ‘I’m good looking‘ is a wonderful affirmation if sometimes you’re feeling low.

Make sure whatever affirmations you do, they are achievable else your mind will not believe them; that’s the reason we keep them very simple and easily achievable.


Let me know your thoughts. Do you use affirmations, and have they helped you? Share your experience with me and everyone here. Comment below

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