Life is full of surprises and shocks. Sometimes we’re being told to hold on to things we have or we want. Sometimes we’re told to let it go. While growing up it gets difficult to understand when shall we hold on to something and when shall we let it go. Letting go of something and holding on to something must be done carefully.

Let me tell you a story which comes to mind regarding this:

In a village over the mountains surrounded by lush green trees, lakes and rivers; there lived a young 14-year-old boy with his parents. This boy used to go near a lake so that he can enjoy a swing there. This swing was made by young teenagers who used to come there for swimming during summers. But since this boy used to live nearby, he visited every day when alone.

letting go and holding on

Under this swing, there was a small water pond formed by this river. The boy loved to swing on it as it felt adventurous due to this water below him. He just loved to feel the wind flowing over him and himself just swinging above this pond.

One day the swing broke and he was about to fall in this pond, but he got the grip on the broken line (swing wire) of the tree. Even though he knew how to swim, he still tried to hold on as long as possible. Not being physically too strong made it difficult (impossible) for him to climb up. Slowly and gradually his hands started to hurt, and they start to bleed. He still tried to fixate on this line trying to make himself believe that maybe something will happen. As much he held on to this, blood started coming out of hands but he didn’t give up. His arms started to hurt with extreme pain and even his shoulders were signalling to let go but still, there was something which was not letting him go.

The arm started to get numb and at a point, his arm got dislocated due to extreme pressure of pain and hurt and he lost his grip. The boy fell in the pond and because his arms were numb, he was not able to swim. He drowned and died.

The lesson here is that many of times there’s something in our life which we want to keep but while doing so, we don’t realize what we’re losing.

Moral: It’s okay to be strong but at the same time, you must know when to give up if it’s going to bring extreme pain.

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