Your goal is the one thing which can keep your life a reason to survive. But during these times, we seem to be satisfied with our jobs on which we spend 8-9 hours of the day and end up resenting it because we are capable of doing much more than that.

If we’re capable, why don’t we do it?

There could be hundreds of reasons why we’re not able to do what we actually want to. Unfortunately, I can’t list all of them here, but I can guarantee the few we’re going to talk about next are going to be the main culprits of our current situation which is not letting us achieve what we want to.

Health is Wealth

Everyone is aware of how important health is for us but we all say that by god’s grace I’m healthy, fit, outgoing, and energetic but the one thing you probably don’t know is that just because you feel healthy physically does not mean you are.

achieving your goal

Everything we do in our day to day lives need our physical energy but what we don’t realize is that that’s not enough. You need focus and motivation to do whatever you want or need to do. We all perform our daily chores because we have to, but we never person those things which we must do to achieve our goals. Procrastination has become our habit because we feel lazy and we think we have enough time to do those things later on. This is all because we’re not mentally strong.

How do we get mentally exhausted?

I’ve found there are four major culprits of our bad mental health. If you overpower these, you’ll never feel lazy and will stay motivated for everything no matter what you do. Trust me on this, they work:

1. Lack of proper diet

It’s fine to occasionally treat yourself with a KFC Burger or a pizza. Maybe once in a month or two but having almost every week will not only affect your weight, it will affect your physical strength and stamina as well. You’re just having harmful fats and dangerous carbs which is not the way to go. You may not feel this now in your young age, but eventually, it will catch up with you in the future when you won’t even know why is this happening even when you’re eating healthy now. What can you eat:

  • Vegetables, steamed or boiled: Eat as much as you want
  • Fruits
  • Pulses & Beans

Avoid excessive eating of following. There’s not much damage to health with these, but they do not contribute to your health also:

  • Excessive rice, particularly at evening time
  • Avoid sugar
  • Avoid carbonated drinks
  • Avoid chips
  • Avoid processed food like KFC, McDonald’s, Dominos.
  • Too much oil fried food
  • Potatoes
2. Lack of proper sleep

There are two things we do with our sleep which damages not our entire day’s energy level, but believe me that the first thing you do in the morning, if you fail in it, your entire day is going to suffer. So what happens?

  • In the last night, you made up a perfect plan for how you’re going to spend the next day. You set up an Alarm. Have you ever noticed that most of the time we wake up before the alarm rings? That’s because you made the plan so carefully yesterday, your subconscious believed that you have to do it and it wakes you up (a natural alarm), but what do you do when you wake up? Snooze. There you go, you lost the first battle of the day.
  • Our night sleep work in cycles. When you sleep, if you woke up naturally or by alarm, you open your eyes and see the first light of the morning. You have slept for 6-8 hours at least. Your brain gets activated and sleep cycle completes. You’ll still feel sleepy for some time because the brain needs to get ready. As soon as you doze off again, a new sleep cycle starts. And what happens when you just wake up in one or two hours for your school or work? The cycle didn’t complete. The brain is not able to work properly since most of it is still not ready and in sleep mode. Now the entire day it will try to complete this pending sleep cycle
3. The habit of smoking or excessive drinking

Occasionally drinking is fine and may not post a serious threat to health but when done excessively or on a daily basis could cause irregular heartbeats which in turn weaken the heart muscles causing hearth failures.

Smoking is worse than drinking no matter how much you smoke. You take a puff, you’re one step closer to health deterioration. Artery damage and cancer are the main consequences of smoking. Smoking can also cause blockage in your veins. This can lead to difficulties in breathing which leads to improper flow of oxygen to brain cause cell damage and weakness.

4. No Exercise

Exercise not only keeps you physically but also strengths your brain activity and improves the immune system. An early morning exercise can activate your whole body up.

I personally like to get up and 04:30, do some cardio or light yoga. I don’t like to go to the gym and I also don’t think it’s necessary as I don’t have any liking towards muscles and all that but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. I prefer to lift lightweights in the evening at home.

As long as you mix cardio and some weight training, no matter at home or gym, you’re good to go.

Vision and Goals

Before you get started on achieving your goals, you must have a clear picture in mind on what exactly you want to do. The vision of the future and where do you want to see yourself in the coming future, maybe three or five years.

You must have heard about the word “Vision”. It is usually associated with business and it means the big picture or ultimate goal the company wants to achieve, like:

KFC Logo


“To sell food in a fast, friendly environment that appeals to price-conscious, health-minded consumers.”

Microsoft Logo


“To enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential by creating technology that transforms the way people work, play, and communicate.”

This is not applicable to only businesses, this is perfect for your personal life or your career life as well. If you can’t see your future, how do you expect to create it?

Let’s assume your vision could be To write and publish at least one book.

But the vision is not enough, it tells you the destination, not the path. There can be hundreds of roads ahead of this journey of yours, you have to find the correct one.

How to find the correct Path?


Each vision of yours should be divided into goals. A goal is a part of your vision. You basically divide your vision into multiple tasks to achieve each part of your vision individually instead of just going for the vision hoping that you’ll wing it.

Let’s take an example of the above example, the goals could be the following:

  1. Deciding on the Topic
  2. Researching and collecting data, facts, and figures
  3. Writing the draft
  4. Editing
  5. Proofreading
  6. Publishing

Now that you know exactly what you have to do, you can sub-divide each of these goals into objectives. An objective is a short-term goal, which is necessary to complete a goal.

achieving your goal

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The motivation for Achieving Your Goal

Here’s something you need to know.

If you are really serious about achieving the vision we just talked about, you won’t need to read or watch motivational videos. Once you can see your vision clear, the smile on your face and the energy inside you will drive your motivation. You’ll be so energetic, motivated, and inspired always. You will never stop thinking about it.

achieving your goal

Basically in life, no one, I repeat no one can stay motivated unless they have something specific to do. Not like:

  • I was to be rich
  • I want to create my own company
  • I want a job which allows me to travel the world

That’s just stupid. Those can be vaguely considered vision but since you’ve not developed goals to achieve them. Do you think you can do them?

Everyone wants to be rich. This is basically everyone’s vision, but no one is willing to set goals to achieve them because it’s too much work. You have to plan, you have organized, you have to think, you have to be consistent and you have to be willing to do the boring things. Who would do that?

Les Brown said:

“You must be willing to do the things today others won’t do,

in order to have the things tomorrow others won’t have.”

My eyes get watery with happiness every single time I read the above quote. Because I’m very proud that I’m doing things instead of partying, hanging out, or just wasting time which won’t contribute to my personal and professional growth.

What if I don’t feel motivated?

If you feel like you’re not motivated but at the same time feel like you really want to do it, there there’s only one problem:

You are not able to divide your Vision into goals because your vision is not clear. You have to envision your dream and believe you can achieve it. Lay down the goals which you can achieve. Don’t make unachievable goals. The smaller the goals, the better. Because after each goal completed, you will feel the sense of accomplishment, and it will be an accomplishment because you’re one step closer to your goal and thereby your vision.

So, what are your plans now for achieving your goal successfully? Are you ready to take on these challenges and see if you have the desire to succeed?

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We do need planning to reach our goals. You have spelled out some good steps here. I need to address the “sleep” part of my plan. I often toss and turn for hours at night before I can finally get some sleep!

Renard Moreau

🙂 I can clearly see that you have things all planned out where goals are concerned.

Taking great care is an important factor because poor heath will slow us down and hinder us from achieving our goals.

Great post, Adil!

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